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This is Our Time

this is our timeI  watched a really good movie last night. Actually, the movie was okay, but I picked up a message in it. Movie is called “This is Our Time” and it is a Spiritual movie on Netflix. The message was about God having purpose for each of us…

It was about 5 friends who graduate college. 4 go off and begin their lives in big ways, 2 of which become missionaries to lepars in India.
The 5th guy, who stays behind to work in his Dad’s restaurant because he was not accepted into Grad school, feels like God has forgotten him. When he consults with a former college professor, the professor explains to him that God’s plan is not about DOING…it is about BEING. 
Being?  Somehow, that really sat with me for awhile.  In my own life, I have been so worried about not “doing” enough lately.  In fact, our family is planning a new ministry project, because I felt like God was calling me to “do” more (I still feel he is, but in my mind it was because I am not doing enough).  Doing…it is a noble effort, but in the end, God has a plan for who we are to BE.  Think of all of the people who go to church each week, but never BEcome children of His word and receivers of His great love.  They spend their life doing, without ever being who God truly wants them to be.
We are to BE the beacon of God’s light for those in trouble to see.  We are to be loving, caring, and patient followers of His word and truth.  We are to be gentle and kind to those in need.  God simply wants us to be His child. 
Ultimately, this “throwaway guy” ends up being the one who holds everyone together when one of the 5 friends dies.  He was the friend who could always bring them all back together…because that is the person he was, not because it was something he felt he had to “do”.
He is reminded that God’s purpose is not for us to do. I mean, yes, we do things to help people, etc. But even when we do not feel active in His ministry, we are still living His purpose.  If you want to know what it is to BE God’s child, email me.

God is Within You

My “day job” is as a Project Coordinator for the Vocation and Formation Offices at a local convent. Which, in case you are taking notes, makes me a divorced Baptist Monk who recruits Catholic Nuns. And yes, my wonderful Sisters love making fun of my name. I digress…

The other day, I began to work with a volunteer. The young girl, fresh out of high school, is also not Catholic. In fact, she doesn’t boast any religion in general…her words.

The more she walked around our offices at the Provincial House, the more she seemed to soften in awe and wonder.

After day two of volunteering, my newfound friend had time to walk the grounds by herself and meet the people.  She had visited the Peace Garden.  She had some time to ponder…

Somehow, whatever topic we were discussing just rambled.  Until.  She said the sweetest, most heart melting words.

“I wish I had that thing inside that people have when they know who God is and, like believe in Him for real.  I mean, that is like a really cool thing to me.”

I didn’t know how to respond at the time.  And quite frankly, I don’t even remember how I actually DID respond.  All I remember is how her words hung in the air like music.  So innocent.

I know, um, hello?  McFly?  That was my chance.  But for some reason, I didn’t even think to witness to her.  The thought seriously never crossed my mind at the time.  I was literally enchanted.  (I know, it sounds goofy).  Come to think of it, maybe it would have been too much for her if I had started talking about God at that time.  Obviously, I wasn’t ready either.  Timing was not right?

I have never been one to pro-actively witness to folks.  I have never felt comfortable being pushy, or even talking as though “I know” all the answers.  I guess in some ways, I don’t feel worthy a teacher to share of God’s love, because I don’t know all there is to know, and I cannot explain that which is unexplainable.  I have always had an internal struggle about how I do not witness like the Bible says I should.

I stop in my thoughts…

I do know how to live in and give God’s love and light.  I do know the gifts and blessings in my life, and I know that God is a part of my very being, in each of us.  God is in our faces and in our hearts and souls.  He created us in His image.  And we are to try and live our lives in His love.  THIS is the only way I know to witness.  Just being who I deep down feel like I am meant to be.  I mean, sure, I am human and I am known for some pretty epic failures, but at least I am trying.

This “flat out talking to someone” about God is a bit intimidating.  I guess I will just say a prayer and put it all in His hands.

Dear God, my Father, please give me the words to speak to gently nurture a basic understanding of her own spirituality and You within her soul.  When the time comes, please God, help me to have the nerve to approach and talk with her.  To be caring, but not pushy.  Lord, hold my tongue so that my babble does not overwhelm or confuse.  Lord, I also pray that you give me the peace within my own heart that I will not seek validation or response…that I will be focused on being myself: a loving, caring person.   I will pray again to You beforehand to turn over to You, God, my body and mind.