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“Get good at failing”

Wise advice from a dear friend of mine.  And, no, it doesn’t mean “try” to fail.  It is much simpler and much deeper than that.

Getting good at failing – to me – means accepting that I am human and will make mistakes.  If there are consequences, we need to face them bravely and move on.

My definition of mistakes is VERY broad.  Any mistakes, people, we all make them.  From ignoring the truth of those around you to forgetting to get bread at the store.  Anything that “one” deems is a mistake, in their own perception of life, no matter how trivial it might be (as it probably leads to something much deeper).

Mistakes are an opportunity to see how things could have been done differently.  It is a chance to begin again.  How I deal with my own failures, no matter how big or small, must ultimately be acknowledged, accepted and left behind.  I guess in a poetic way, it would be fighting and defending for my own future.

My nephew’s sweet Halloween smile! So full of joy!

If I just pick my head up and move on, without getting caught up emotionally in the concept of failure..just get up and try again.  Deep inside, I know I am not built of failure or I would not be where I am.  I have survived and will continue to do so.

So, why not just get up and try again when I fall on my butt.  Which reminds me of my sweet baby nephew.  He is such a beautiful boy.  He is now running, but he went through a trial of falling and getting back up.  He did not allow the pure awesomeness of opportunites that walking would lead to.  He just knew he didn’t want to keep crawling for the rest of his life.  It is an innate part of us as humans.

Sometimes it can be that simple.

The outcomes in my life are bound to my much different then they have been.  What do you think?

We were the original “facebook”

Recently, I gave my son, Ashton, a journal.  I have been trying to encourage him to write his thoughts and feelings.  As I began digging through all of my own old diaries, I found the notebooks we used to pass between friends and classes.  We would each taking turns with this notebook and draw pictures or cartoons, write about whatever”boring teacher” we were ignoring, talk about the latest romance, or write specific notes to specific people.  All day long, as the person writes a few messages or whatever, they pass it along to another of the people in our group.  They take a turn and pass it on to whoever they see next.  And so on…

We were the original facebook!  🙂 

PS  I still have the majority of our books.  Hmm…

Top 10 Life Lessons Learned by Playing Super Mario Bros.

10. Keep a Positive Attitude. 

It is just poor sportsmanship to get angry and throw down your game controller. Instead of resulting in a won battle, all you will end up with is a broken controller. Life is the same way. A positive attitude will get you much further than an angry, impatient attitude.

9. Be Adaptable.

Our technology driven world now requires us to constantly adapt. It is not wise to become an expert in only one field. Instead, diversify your experience so that you can better adapt to change or crisis. Don’t be afraid to go to your arsenal and use the tools and experiences you have earned.

8. Look for Patterns.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look for ways to maximize productivity and minimize effort. Once you have had experience with a certain situation, use that experience the next time that type of situation arises. Eventually, you will become an expert at that particular challenge. Seek opportunities that match your experience so that you can excel.

7. Persistence and Perseverance are Key!

It is pretty rare in life to excel and succeed at everything you do on your first try. More realistically, remember that you may have to do something several times before succeeding. Learn from your mistakes and try something different the next time around until you figure out what works for you. Do not give up, do not give in. Be persistent in your efforts, and before you know it, you will be an expert at that task.

6. Don’t Waste Time on Fruitless Efforts.

If you keep hitting the brick wall with your head and getting nowhere, move on. Chances are, you are missing out on a whole-lotta something good when you are focused on goals that lead nowhere.

5. Collect Experience.

As you move through life, be aware of each situation you face. Take from each situation the experience you gained, either from failing and learning from your mistakes, or from having achieved your goal. Those experiences will make you a more seasoned player, wiser than before.

4. Stash Away for your Future.

It is not wise to use all of your resources as you get them. Make a strategic plan to stash away as much as possible. Use only what is needed. You never know when you will face a serious challenge in life that will try to drain you of your resources and energies. Planning for potential catastrophes will prepare you for the battles you will face.

3. Plan Ahead.

Don’t wander aimlessly through life, because something will inevitably take you by surprise and squash you. Take a moment to identify all external factors around you. Are there any foreseeable roadblocks? Are there any foreseeable opportunities? How can you keep yourself safe while taking advantage of the opportunities?

2. Set Goals.

You can plan all you want, but without a goal, you will go nowhere. Determine where it is that you want to be…that is your short term goal.

1. Seek Opportunity.

To achieve greatness in life, you must do more than merely survive. Around every corner and behind every brick wall lay hidden opportunities. Scout them out and take advantage of them.

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