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Tie Your Bra Straps Together and Face the Day!

This morning was actually a pretty good morning.  I woke right up and started my shower.  I even played music…Pandora: Natasha Bedingfield, in case you are wondering. 

I am a firm believer that part of finding and loving yourself is to feel sexy about yourself.  Sometimes…that is harder to do than other times.  For me, right now, it is a struggle.  Either way, this morning, I wanted to feel sexy. 

Oh…also, you don’t necessarily want to “show” that you are sexier.  I don’t want to go around looking like a desperate 30-something divorcee.  I would rather keep the “sexy” to myself.  Besides, when you feel good about yourself, you tend to have a natural glow about you.  THAT is what you want people to notice!

Anyways, I wore my “pretty” bra this morning.  I don’t mean that all of my other bras are ugly.  I simply mean that this one actually holds the girls where they are supposed to be.  That is it!  That is what makes this bra so nice.  (Sometimes it is the simplist things!)  I was feeling good.

On the way to work, my theme song came on:

My morning was rolling along.

Well, by the time I got to work, I was elbow deep into a war with my “pretty bra’s” pretty straps!  The shoulder straps kept creeping down my shoulders.  This is a problem…not just annoying.  See, when the shoulder strap falls down the arm, on THIS particular bra, the end result is the boob on that side falling somewhat to the side.  Ok…maybe not “somewhat” so much as A-LOT!

No matter what shirt I am wearing, it makes my chest look VERY NOTICABLE when one “girl” is where she should be, while the other one is dangling from my hip!

My solution???

I needed to tie my bra straps together.  I knew I should have ordered some of those little round disk things that they try to sell on mini infomercials.  But…I am creative!  I can devise my own doo-dad.  I didn’t really want to ask any co-workers to help me, because I would end up having to at least partially explain what I was trying to accomplish and why.  So, I took matters into my own hands.

I spun my chair around and began to scan the built in shelves.  Bottom shelf…on the right.  I saw a long piece of teal satin ribbon.  Within moments, I had strung the back of my bra straps together and tied a knot at a tight spot.  I then dropped the two ribbons down the back of my shirt, and grabbed them at my waist.  I just wrapped them around my bra strap and voila!  I don’t have to worry about shifting my shoulder straps all day!

So, if you happen to see me today, and you see a teal satin ribbon hanging from my person, please DO NOT pull it (don’t want the girls to come out and play!), cause I am having a good morning.  🙂

Gives a whole new meaning to wearing a “Save the tatas” ribbon.  HAHA