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80 Pounds Lost!!! Goal 1 is COMPLETE

Admittedly, I got here over a span of two years, and with a great deal of stress, a divorce and a few kindly kidney stones.  But, it is still 80 pounds lost.  Over the two years, there would be months of high motivation, and months of very little effort.

As I was unpacking this past weekend, I was going through some pictures…looking at them for the “first time”, if you will.  I found some pictures at my largest weight, 328 pounds (did I actually just type that number into a blog post?!?!)  That is, 328 pounds on a girl who only stands 5’1″.  

It’s okay.  Say it…WHOA!  That is what I said.  When I showed some family members, ALL of them individually said, Wow, I didn’t realize you got that big.”

Well, neither had I.  I mean, I knew, but I was in some serious denial…up until yesterday.  When I finally decided to face myself in the mirror.  All I could see was the work that needed to be done.  I could not see the difference from the 80 pounds…until I saw the pictures.

With each image, I realized how far I had already come.  WOW!  Talk about motivation to really get in gear and get fit!

That said, I am pumped up for the NEXT GOAL OF 50 POUNDS, which specifically means that I will be under 200 pounds.  I have not seen those numbers since high school! 

All of my friends and family who are encouraging me, please keep it up.  I cannot do this alone, and I love to hear your stories or even just brief inspirational messages.  If you want me to share some with you, let me know!