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Way to go, Bubba

I won’t hide it…I come from a family of Bubbas.  Growing up, my Aunt Lorie called her brother Bubba.  Her brother was my step dad.  My little brother, 14 years younger than me, was also called Bubba.  My oldest son, adopted from foster care, was nicknamed Bubba, not long after he came to live with us at age 15.  He also nicknamed his son, James, Bubba. 

In fact, James and I laugh about that a lot.  James is only 11 years younger than me, so people always look at me funny when I say he’s my kid.  Ashton, my other son is 16 years younger than James. And James has two children, also known as my grandchildren, Edelle, age 5, and James who is about to turn 4.

Now picture Ashtons redneck I-shirt: Bubba is my uncle, my brother, and my nephew.   Ha ha

Anyways, back to the actual reason for the post.  I wanted to publicly thank and applaud, as well as congratulate, Bubba Watson, who won the golf Master thingy today.  Ok, so I don’t follow golf, but I do appreciate when someone is in a position to influence and chooses to do good things.

Influence is a superpower.  The thing is, once you find yourself in a position of influencing another, do you use that power for good or for evil?  Do you try to help people change their lives for the better?  Or do you manipulate people to gain something for yourself? 

Listening to the story of Bubba, I would like to thank him for using his influence in a positive way. He is a self taught golf player who has not had one lesson in his lifetime. He is a natural phenomenon. He shocked everybody by winning the Masters title.

He announces openly on his fb that he is christian, a husband, and I think it said father too. In an interview, he said he gets to play golf for a living and it also gives him a chance to give to others.

Thank you to Bubba Watson for using your influence to help others…the world needs more people like you.

I hope, if ever I am placed again into that very-important role of influencer (???) I will be able to stand firm in my beliefs and values and act in a way that changes lives (my own life included).