I started a “list of things I wanted to do” back when I was 17 years old (like a bucket list – only now I call it a Possibilities List because of the movie, “The Last Holiday”).  In 2009, I updated it to include a myriad of things I want to do as a result of weight loss.  My weight and natural fears have prevented me from really living life sometimes.  I decided there were a whole bunch of things I wanted to do, but I had to lose weight first.  So, some of these things are dependent on my weight goals being met.

I have added to my possibilities through the years, and I have been blessed enough to cross some of it off already.

Here goes:

Fly in a hot air balloon

Milk a cow (DONE – 1996)

Become a published author in a magazine

Write and publish a children’s book

See a play on Broadway

Adopt a child (DONE – 2004)

Get married (DONE 1996 – was a good marriage, though we are now divorced)

Graduate college (BA completed 2001, beginning Masters Program in September 2012)

Be secure with my body

Build  piece of nice furniture with my own hands

Open a group home or independent living program for foster kids aging out of the system

Learn a second language fluently (Spanish is which one, I think)

Take cake decorating classes (DONE 2006 – even taught the classes for a term)

Crochet at least one sweater for a child (through Guideposts Program)

Help build at least one home with Habitat for Humanity

Drive a Semi-trucker (Revved a Car Hauler on Christmas Eve 2014 – more to come!)

Serve a meal to the homeless

Be made fun of on Saturday Night Live

Make and finish a quilt (DONE 1997 – made a denim quilt for my mother)

Own my own home (DONE – 1997)

Take a powder puff mechanics class

Take a pottery making class – (DONE – 2014 with Bridgett)

Learn sign language

Marry someone (perform the ceremony)

Take ballroom dance lessons

Spend the night in a haunted inn (DONE 2007 – Stayed in an old hospital/inn in Gettysburg, MD)

Get a tattoo (completed 1999 or so)

Learn how to bellydance (DONE 2002 – performed at a Komen Cancer Relay in FL)

Go out dancing and just lose myself in the music, not worried about people watching me

Earn a doctorate degree so that my kids have to call me “Dr. Mom”


Go up a flight of stairs with having to take a break, or be completely out of breath (DONE – June 2009)

Give myself a pedicure

Cross my legs (while sitting) at the thigh/knee, and not at the ankle (DONE – June 2012)

Have a lap

Ride a bicycle

Play sports without feeling self conscious

Not be afraid to look at myself in the mirror

Touch my elbow to my knee while standing (right elbow to left knee, etc.)

Visit all 50 states

Take a month long RV family road trip across the US

Re-learn how to play the piano

Go on a no budget shopping spree

Go to Italy

Learn Italian

6 thoughts on “Possibilities

      1. No, not really. I had a few goals that I listed when I was in my forties, but nothing I would want to do today. It’s something that has been in the back of my mind though to create.

  1. When you write the children’s book, I want to illustrate it.
    When I get remarried, you can perform the ceremony. I’m booking you in advance.
    When you go on the RV trip, I wanna go too!!

    1. Rhonda, again, you bespell me. One of my major concerns for the children’s book ideas was a lack of illustrator. I LOVE your stuff, and will send you one of my projects. “Let’s do lunch.”

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