Hiding behind fat

I had not even begun to think about extra attention I will receive for when I do finally get down to a more appropriate weight…not from friends and family, but from John and Jane Q. Public.  Yes, John and Jane would be the people who completely ignored me before, or just looked at me with disgust or pity.

I would be a normal person, with whom anyone would just strike up a conversation.  I used to be very outgoing, but I have shelled up a LOT.  About an hour ago, I was just thinking about how my sons can strike up a conversation and make friends anywhere with anyone!  It is amazing.  I want to be like that again.

I have definitely hidden behind my many pounds as an excuse not to have to socialize on many many occasions. I have used my weight as an excuse to NOT do a lot of things!

NOT ANYMORE.  I am going to learn how to face the world again!

um…anyone know how I do this?


Let me know what you think!

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