Doin Da Butt

Yes, I am a product of the 80’s.  I think my favorite all time song from then is “Da Butt” by E.U.  I can remember all of the junior high dances, all of us in a big huddle shakin our butts.  It was so much fun.  I grew up at dances when hip hop dance music was really becoming the big thing, and I learned how to dance primarily with my butt, generally feet are planted.

I think my butt is why I am struggling with Zumba!

I mean, I have done Zumba for a few days, and what really, really hurts is my BUTT.  I am trying to boody dance to zumba, and it is not the same!  UGH!

I am also having problems with the steps being so fast.  I mean, moving all of my “bits and pieces” that quickly is near impossible!   But, I figure as long as I am focused on the basic motions of the movements, the rest will begin to fall into place.  Here’s hoping!

BTW, I love how they teach the steps in the first video.  Even though I had done bellydancing several years back, I realized I had been doing some of the moves wrong, or at least focusing on the wrong body parts.  Very interesting stuff!  OK…not really.

Here’s a little ol skool rewind for my 80’s friends:




3 thoughts on “Doin Da Butt

  1. I can hardly ever keep up with zumba. As soon as I figure out HOW I’m supposed to be moving and can finally move it fast enough they’re on to the next move. I will say it’s the best workout I’ve gotten in a long time though! And I will be dancing to the song you posted haha I haven’t heard it in forever!

    1. Yeah, Zumba is kicking my butt. BUT, the first video of the set takes the moves real slow to teach you. It is awesome. For me, I still feel very unfit, because I lost my first 80 pounds with only intermittant exercise. So, it is still difficult to exercise, but that first video is gold!

      Good luck on your goals, too!

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