Photos are here! 328 lbs. vs. 248 lbs.

Here you go.  These pics kind of saved my motivation.  As I mentioned in my 80-pounds lost blog, I look in the mirror, and I still only see the belly that has to go away, or the flabby part of the inner thigh (which I have so tenderheartedly refer to as “giblets.”) 

It wasn’t until I saw these photos that I realized how far I had come.  This is the difference between 328 pounds and 248 pounds.  Can I hear an AMEN?!

9 thoughts on “Photos are here! 328 lbs. vs. 248 lbs.

      1. I know!! One of the contestants on Biggest Loser (I forget what season because I’ve seen almost all of them now) used that term when she finally dipped below 200 and I was in love with it! They then celebrated every time a person got into one-derland. It was great 🙂

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I hope never to give up. I am so tired of being afraid to live! Or worse, not being able to live…because of my weight.


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