A Very Good Cleansing

Sometimes, God takes us into troubled waters…not to drown us, but to cleanse us.

I must need a very good cleansing! ūüôā

Whether I joke or not, I am also on a spiritual journey. In my viewpoint, you cannot truly be healthy without a healthy spirituality (no, I am NOT talking about religion…if you don’t know the difference, wiki it).

There is one thing that I know…the past two years have kicked my butt. When I wrote a list of all of our family struggles, I was amazed at what we had survived and overcome.

I also know, within my heart of hearts, that all of the hard times have a purpose. I am growing spiritually¬†(AND shrinking…haha), I am being humbled, I am learning a firsthand lesson on compassion.¬† I have been brought to my knees.¬† BUT (and that is a big, Zumba-hurtin’ “but”):

Without the tough times,

you can never experience the happy times,

because you simply won’t recognize them!

I can think of women in my lifetime who lived lives of very little “stress” or life upheaval¬†because they were taken care of, had great kids, a busy but wonderful husband…but they felt like they had never lived.¬† Their whole lives went along skippingly.¬† That is certainly NOT ME!¬† (Is it you?)

Or at least, it hasn’t been me since the past two years.¬† Looking back, even with the pain and struggle, I can also see some of the BEST moments of my entire life.¬† The summer that I had both boys, James and Ashton, AND the grandkids, Delle and Bubba, living with me was AWESOME!¬† It was the kind of family summer that I dreamt of having when I was a little girl.¬† Our family truly connected, despite all else.¬†

Lord, I accept the cleansing, please help me to be open to seeing the blessings instead of the struggles!  Amen.


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