Zumba, it’s on!

I am ready to dive into working on Goal 2, which is to lose 50 pounds and be under 200 pounds!  My friend drug me to a free Zumba class a few months ago.  Although I couldn’t keep up, and thought I would die, I LOVED IT!  I love to dance, I love latin rhythm and music.  What’s not to love?

Zumba will help me lose the next 50 pounds!

So, my birthday splurge (albiet late) was the Zumba video set.  I am totally stoked!  I tried out the Step by Step video this past weekend.  After about an hour, I was wondering when it would quit.  At least I made it that far! 

Since I didn’t lose the first 80 pounds with consistent exercise, I feel very out of shape.  I have always been very strong, but my stamina is nil!   Each night, I will do what I can for the first two weeks.  That is all it will take before it becomes much easier for me. 

Have you been through this?  How did you start your exercise or workout program (maybe not even to lose weight, but to tone, or even build muscle)?


Let me know what you think!

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