Moving sucks!

Friday afternoon, we found out that we could not get the power on in the new apartment, because BGE could not get out there to turn it on until Thursday of this week, which kind of left us scrambling for some alternatives.  (This particular apt. complex turns power off between tenants, forcing BGE to have to physically come to the property and turn it back on…it could not just be switched over.)  Plus, I had not had anyone who could help us this weekend – Everyone I knew had other plans, or was stuck babysitting generators, etc from the weekend’s storms.

Then, I ended up vomiting, in pain and sick from about 3 am Saturday morning.  I could not get out of bed all day on Saturday, MOVING DAY!  I was so nauseous, I couldn’t speak (all I could do is writhe and pray!).  I thought I might have caught the stomach bug that had been going around.  I was hoping it would ease up as the day went by and I could get to work.  

In the meantime, We could not get into the apt. until this weekend now, anyways.  Third floor, no ac, no fridge, food, etc. and a deadline…  Just couldn’t happen.  So, James secured a storage unit and used our van to start taking loads of stuff to the unit.  He also went ahead and took Ashton to his dad’s house for the week (another wonderful blessing!)

At some point, James stopped at the Shell/Highs near our house and asked the clerk if she knew anyone who could come help us out and we would pay them what we could…so her and her boyfriend came over at 5 on Sat to help some.  At 9 when they left, James took me to the er, because the nausea and minimal pain had not subsided at all.  By 5 am Sunday morning, it was determined that I had a colitis (colon infection) and the beginnings of a uti.  They had given me some anti nausea medication and mild pain medication and sent me home.  

On Sunday, I woke up praying that God would just give me the strength I needed to get through the day, to move what had to be moved, and get done what had to be done.  James had to work, so it was just me and the one 20 year old (Colton) from Shell moving loads on Sunday until 4, when James and Colton’s girlfriend, Bridgett got off work.  We plugged away Sunday evening and Monday. 

I have made many, many moves in my lifetime.  Interstate and otherwise.  NEVER have I had a move go this badly.  It has been the worst (although, ironically, it has also been the most blessed!!)

At this point, everything is either in storage or the back of my van.  Cupcake is spending a few nights with her new best friends, Bridgett and Colton, and Freckles is staying under my legs at this moment (although I need to go ahead and have him “put down” this week – that is a whole other rant!)  Ashton is with his dad.  All is “handled.”

Except, I still need to call BGE to make sure we didn’t get severely bumped because of all the storm damage around the state.  Say a prayer!



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