How do you like YOUR pancakes?

Let me just paint a picture for you of my most recent Friday night…

I was relaxing on Friday evening, all stretched out and happy.  My darling son, James (the 26 year old) decided to be an awesome son and make pancakes for supper, and discussed those plans with me.

“I have to run up to the corner store and get syrup.  Then, I put syrup in the freezer for you so that it can be cold.  See?  You don’t even realize all of the little things I do for you to have YOUR pancakes,” James admitted. (I am a Very picky eater.)

“Thank you.”  I added, “I love pancakes with cold syrup.”

“I know.  But I don’t,” James said.  If I use cold syrup, my pancakes get too cold too soon.”

I followed his comment with, “I don’t put all of the syrup on at one time, I like to put a little bit on a fraction of the pancakes, eat that section.  Once those few bites are gone, I will put a little more syrup on another little fraction of pancakes.  Then, I get cold syrup on every bite, and my pancakes don’t get soggy.”  I smiled, thinking about how yummy his pancakes are!  “I love how you overcook the edges, so they are crispy.  And the middle is cooked enough.  I don’t like them cakey in the middle, or mushy from butter and syrup.”

James responded, “I love them thick and cakey.  I like to pour the syrup over top of the stack and let it sit and soak in for a few minutes.  Then, when you take a bite, there is no syrup on the pancakes underneath, but the pancakes on top are saturated.  It all works out in the end, and you end up with a perfect bite.”

I gasped.  “Ew!  I could not eat mushy pancakes.  Yech.”

This is about the time when I looked at him, and he looked at me, and we both realized simultaneously how pitiful we were!  I could not believe how much effort and focus we had invested in strategizing the perfect bite of pancakes…and they were JUST PANCAKES!  Do we do this for every meal?  DoIdo this for every meal?  Is this healthy and normal?

I looked at James, shaking my head.  “Bubba, if we spent even a fraction of our pancake strategizing time on positive things, just think of how much we could change the world!”  HAHA we laughed.

But really, I was only half joking.  I realized how much importance I put on food.  Do you do this too?


2 thoughts on “How do you like YOUR pancakes?

  1. Yes, I do….don’t get me started on me and food. I don’t think I’m picky….I just know what I like….but everyone else does. I guess if I were as picky about men as I were about food, I wouldn’t be so damn miserable. 🙂 Still need to read in order, but the picture of the pancakes caught my attention. Now I’m craving IHOP. Bad Sunni!

    1. Then I guess I shouldn’t post a picture of the Jack Daniels steak my son made the other day??? His own recipe! 🙂 Or, his famous fried chicken strips (best I’ve ever had) or homemade french fries.

      And I wonder why it is hard for me to lose weight! lol Love you, Rockin Rhonda!

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