A nine-year old’s perspective

Earlier, I was watching Dancing With The Stars (dwts) with Ashton, my nine year old son. 

I do love my son, but he is an obnoxious fan of dwts.  And I quote, “What?!  So what, they got some sevens…they got an eight from Len and thats pretty impressive.”

My super-charged-dwts-fan of a son asked me which of the male instructors would I want to teach me ballroom dance lessons.

Maks is my answer of course.  His brother is a close second.  So, Ashton then tells me to ask him out. 

Ashton, I explained, I am not even a blip on Maks’ radar.  Of course I had to explain what that meant.  “Ashton, he doesn’t know who I am.”

Ashtons response to me was, “He should know you.  You are the one who’s changing the world.  You work at a convent and try to find more sisters and the sisters help people.  And the sisters run a hospital the saves peoples lives.”

What an amazing perspective!


Let me know what you think!

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