Maybe it’s me?

I was just thinking…lets say you have two relationships.  Not simultaneously, of course. 

One relationship, the woman points out to the man his every inadequacy, or his every action that doesn’t agree with her feelings.  She nags him for years and years until he can no longer make his own decisions.  He is afraid to even pick a restaurant for dinner.

In the second relationship, the same woman holds in every little nit-pick.  No matter how slobby he was around the house, she held it in and did not nag.  The only problem is that she went freaking boo-bats in the process. Stark raving mad! 

After wondering what personality type I was most compatible with, I had a little epiphany.  I think the woman in the relationships needs to stop wondering about the men at all. 

Thats right!  What is her freaking problem that every little thing drives her crazy?  Plus, guess what? She is also a control freak.

Maybe she needs to be humbled some…and more accepting of others. 

I think I also need to be less afraid of the differences between myself and others.  Embrace their differences, perhaps.

A good, hard look at how I treat those that are close to me couldn’t hurt either.


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