Test #1: Failed!

Yes, I FAILED test #1.  I was hit with a great sense of sadness on Monday when my son left.  Instead of turning to exercise or another activity, I sat online with brownies.  I don’t even much like brownies, but I must have eaten about 4 of them!  This was a minor bout of sadness compared to what I have faced in the past, and will, no doubt, face in the future. 

It was so easy to take the “I don’t care” attitude and lose myself.  Why?  Why do I do this?  Granted, I still lost 3 pounds this week, and it was only one night of weakness, but that is not the point.  I worked my butt off this week in the fitness center.  I won’t always have the time to do so.  The main issue is comfort eating, and I failed the test. 

I am certainly back on track, but I am also plagued by how easily I turned to food to relieve my stress and sadness.  Any tips?

Let me know what you think!

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