The Mirror Has Two Faces

Several years ago, I realized that I could not really look at myself in a mirror.  I mean, I look, but I don’t “see.”  I just skim over the reflection and move on quickly, trying to avoid facing what had become of my body and of my psyche.

What I didn’t realize (until very recently) was that I have spent my whole life of relationships “projecting” my own body image issues onto others.  I never believed that anyone could really love me…truly love me, because I never felt like anyone could really look at me, see me, and accept me.  This wasn’t because I have a lack of confidence or think that I am unworthy…It is because I COULDN’T LOOK AT MYSELF or ACCEPT MYSELF.  I still can’t really.  I am working on it, though I am not really sure how to do so.

I have a friend who describes me to her friends as a “supermodel.”  She says that my attitude and confidence are reminiscent of a supermodel.  That statement baffles my mind.  First, to be compared to a supermodel (in spirit, of course), but secondly, I never realized someone could see me like that.  I never realized that I portrayed a woman confident with herself and who she was…because I am so NOT.

Talk about reflecting an image.  So, BECOMING a woman happy with her body, no matter what shape, is a new goal on my goal list.  I am working on believing that the people who are my friends, are so because they like me, lock, stock and barrels.  Hopefully, I will be able to like myself as much.


Let me know what you think!

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