I want to…

This is a list of the goals I have set for myself.  They are mostly things that I can no longer do…not just a list of wild wishes.  For those of you who are “weight challenged” you understand some of these things, that many people simply take for granted, but that we are challenged with regularly. 

Check back to this post frequently, as I will continually add to the goals, and check off when I have met the goals.

I want to:

Go up a flight of stairs with having to take a break, or be completely out of breath (DONE – June 2009)
Give myself a pedicure
Cross my legs (while sitting) at the thigh/knee, and not at the ankle
Have a lap
Ride a bicycle
Go out dancing, and have fun at it
Play sports without feeling self conscious
Not be afraid to look at myself in the mirror
Touch my elbow to my knee


Let me know what you think!

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