I am ready for skinny pants…NOW!

Everyone who has ever dieted or exercised knows that the first two weeks, weight drops off like raindrops.  Some say it is water weight…whatever.  Who cares what it is, it drops off, which is all that matters to the sweaty girl doing The Biggest Loser workout.

So, now that I am in week 4, I found myself looking at the scale…discouraged.  It sure didn’t move much.  WHY NOT?!  I am treadmilling every day at lunch and trying to do a workout every night, too.  I have not been eating poorly (except for when the Japanese handcuff me to the hibachi)…otherwise, I’ve been sticking mainly to no-or-lo carb foods.

Oh yeah, I remembered.  All of this work will only shed between 1-3 pounds per week.  So, I realize that I am grateful for 17 pounds lost in 3 weeks, and look forward to trying to hit the 20 mark by the end of this week.

And I must mention that my “fat pants” are starting to crawl down my hips, which excited me until I looked in the mirror and realized I still have so far to go! 

I think I have to get my mind off the ultimate goal, and focus more on making this something I want to do daily…something that becomes a true lifestyle change.  How do I do that???  Maybe I will worry about that after I have dropped the first 50.


Let me know what you think!

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