Girl Power

About three weeks into this exercise thing, I realized I needed a good pair of workout/walking shoes.  So, on my way to visit Mommy, I stopped at the Queenstown Outlets and went into Easy Spirit.

Being a Saturday morning, it was busy, but the lady came right over to me to help.  I told her I needed a good pair of walking shoes.  She said, “I know just what you want” and led me to a pair of shiny white sneakers.  She told me they were the best.  She found my size, along with two other sets of sneakers “just in case.”

Let me tell you…I put these shoes on, and WOW!  They felt like moon boots!  They were anti-gravity moon boots!  (Seriously, I later saw a tag on the shoes, advertising that they are “anti-gravity”).  It was delightful.  I didn’t even try on any of the other shoes.   

When I used them for the first time, I saw the name of them, “Girl Power.”  Oh yeah!  Bring on the treadmill!!!

$59.99 and a few workouts later, I am pleased as punch (carb-free punch, of course).  I highly recommend these shoes!


Let me know what you think!

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