I conquered the hill!

I mowed the lawn again today.  I look at is as an intense 2-3 hour power-treadmill workout.  I really enjoy mowing, which is quite bizarre in and of itself. 

But today was different.  I did my little 30 minute Biggest Loser workout, and set out to mow the lawn.  In the backyard, we have a hill that spans the entire width of the property, and is taller than me, with a steep slope.  Since we have been here, my husband, Bryan, has always cut the grass on the hill with a weedeater. 

My workout must have either left me highly motivated and energetic, or it left me with a severe lack of oxygen to the brain, because I set out to conquer the hill with the mower.

I learned quickly the hard way that I could not mow sideways…both the mower and me were sliding down the hill.  I would have to push it up the hill in little bursts.  No problem. 

Here is where the exercise part came in.  Stand in a runners stretch position, dig in the heals, and push the mower up using your back muscles.  In this position, I had the mower handle well above my head.  Talk about a workout…simply exhilarating! 

I had to do about a third of the hill at a time, taking breaks to just mow the flat part of the yard in between.  But I did it!  I did it!!!!

Now, I want a nap.  😀  the hill


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